Meow Mansion
We’re a cattery in Footscray, Melbourne and we provide (slightly obsessive) luxurious care for feline friends.

Enjoy your time away knowing that your cat is enjoying theirs.
Terms & conditions

About us

Our philosophy

Nina the cat having a snooze At Meow Mansion, we believe that our feline guests are just as much our customer as their human counterparts. A new environment can take time to transition into for a cat, especially for first-time boarders, so we’re all about making them comfy and reassuring them that they’re in safe hands while we fill in for their owners. After all, happy cats are our bread and butter.

Essentially, we're bringing fresh eyes to the field of animal boarding and intend to set a new standard in every aspect of the industry, as well as maintaining our position as the most innovative and customer service focused cattery in the country.

For those who demand exceptional care and comfort for their pet, look no further than Meow Mansion: the crème de la crème of catteries.

How we got started

Ruth enjoying some snuggles with Beavis the cat As a life-long animal lover, ear scratching expert and with well-established fawning skills, our resident queen crazy cat lady Ruth Regan was able to realise her dream of combining business with pleasure when she launched Meow Mansion in November of 2015.

Sorely lacking a place like this around the Footscray area and surrounding suburbs, within a year Meow Mansion rocketed in popularity and we soon had to expand not only our amount of enclosures three times, but also our small team - carefully verifying that each new recruit has an extreme affinity for felines, of course!

We already raised the bar with our never-before-seen regimented hygiene processes, generous opening hours, outstanding customer service, options for out-of-hours services and the ability for you to customise how we provide care for your fluffy friends - believe us, we're not even close to done so far!

What we offer

Central location

We're located in Footscray, a mere 5 kilometres from the CBD of Melbourne and with easy access to the airport via Citylink.

Large enclosures

Your cat will have plenty of room to spread out their paws in our over-sized enclosures and will never feel cramped.

Safety and security

Our facility has security cameras, animal-friendly motion detectors, no ground-level windows, a locking gate and an alarm system for your peace of mind.

Modern facility

Your cat will be boarding in style in our sleek, brand spanking new building.

On-call emergency care

A vet is available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week in the unlikely event of an emergency.

Lots to do

Each enclosure comes with a scratching post with a built-in hidey hole, a tunnel and toys to play with so that nobody gets bored.

A variety of food brands

Fussy eaters aren't an issue, as we stock a variety of brands and flavours that you can select for your cat to eat during their stay. Choose from Advance, Royal Canin, Black Hawk, Whiskas, Felix, Dine, Fancy Feast, Cachet, Kangaroo mince and chopped beef - yum!

Loyalty rewards

We love our regulars! Repeat customers will enjoy great perks like discounts, free enclosure upgrades and prize draws to win awesome swag.

Huge playpens

We have 2 massive playpens with tons of stuff to climb on and play with that your cat will get to enjoy throughout their stay.

Family accommodation

Our largest enclosures can accommodate up to 3 cats at once, so that nobody gets lonely.

Temperature controlled

Our facility is cooled and heated with a split level air conditioning system, maintaining comfortable temperatures at all times.

Exceptional cleanliness

Enclosures are disinfected after being vacated, or weekly for long stays, with veterinary grade disinfectant.

Familiar faces

Our staff get to know and build a unique relationship with our boarding cats. Since regular boarders are familiar with each of us, they know they're in good hands and settle in quickly. Isn't a kitty being excited to see you the best feeling?


We're incredibly thankful to the local Footscray community for welcoming us so warmly and enthusiastically! Our commitment to providing exceptional care and service is still strong after all these years and isn't going anywhere.

Entry requirements

Vaccination certificate

We need to confirm your cat has been vaccinated within the last 12 months, for their own safety. Immunisation can take a week or more to come into effect.

Flea treatment

If not regularly administered, all cats must have been given a monthly or quarterly flea treatment at least 48 hours prior to entry, regardless if they are indoor-only or a breed with no/minimal fur.

Health check

We cannot allow entry to cats who we find or suspect to be carrying infectious conditions or pests, for the safety of our other boarding cats.