Meow Mansion
We’re a cattery in Footscray, Melbourne and we provide (slightly obsessive) luxurious care for feline friends.

Enjoy your time away knowing that your cat is enjoying theirs.
Terms & conditions


Prior to booking

What are your requirements for boarding?

We'll need to see a current (within the last 12 months) F3 or higher vaccination certificate/receipt of service from your vet. We also require all boarding cats to have had a monthly or quarterly flea treatment (such as Advantage or Frontline each month, or Bravecto each quarter) within the last month or quarter respectively, at least 48 hours prior to checking in – this includes indoor kitties and those breeds with no/minimal fur!

My cat is indoors or is a breed with no/minimal fur, do I still need to get them flea treated?

We must insist that all boarding cats have had a monthly or quarterly flea treatment (such as Advantage or Frontline each month, or Bravecto each quarter) within the last month or quarter respectively, at least 48 hours prior to checking in. Fleas can easily hitch a ride on shoes and clothing, then start breeding inside homes, often without the owner's knowledge! We must refuse entry to those found carrying pests as to not risk an outbreak.

Why is it important for my cat to be vaccinated?

Vaccinations protect cats from contracting diseases such as Enteritis and Feline Infectious Peritonitis, which are extremely serious, contagious and life-threatening. What's more, vaccinated cats can be carriers of disease but are immune to it themselves, so it is vitally important that unvaccinated cats not enter any cattery, as it puts them at extreme risk of illness and in some instances, death. Immunisation does take around a week or so to come into effect, so we cannot accept cats prior to this.

What if I've missed my cat's annual vaccination?

Cats that are more than 3 months out of date may require additional boosters prior to entering the cattery, as immunity may be compromised. Please speak to your vet who will determine the best way forward, taking into consideration your cat's age, health and how out of date they are.

Can I visit before making a booking?

You sure can! Please feel free to drop by at any time during our opening hours and we'll be more than happy to show you around.

How should I transport my cat to and from your cattery?

We ask that you use a pet carrier when dropping off or collecting your cat, for their safety. They can be nervous when in a new environment, and can easily wriggle out of their owner's arms when going to or from vehicles.

Can I bring my own toys, blankets etc.?

Yes! In fact, we encourage you to bring anything you'd like from home so that your cat has something familiar around them, as this can help calm them and settle into a new environment. Please note, we are required to use non-spillable (tapered) bowls if you were intending to bring those from home.

Can I choose what enclosure my cat is placed in?

Certainly, if your choice of enclosure doesn't clash with another booking, in which case we'll have to refuse. Feel free to ask when dropping off your cat for boarding.

Is there a minimum age for boarding?

We can accept kittens that have completed the first 2 out of the 3 total rounds of their initial F3 immunisations, which can generally be completed at a minimum age of 12 weeks.

Can I bring my own food or treats?

Certainly, if your cat is on a special diet or you'd just like to keep things familiar, by all means bring it along. Please double check that you've supplied us with enough food to cover their entire stay if you'd like to stick to your own.

Do you offer transport services?

Sorry, we're not able to offer pet taxi services at the moment. Friends, family members and third party pet transport companies are welcome to pick up and drop off your cat on your behalf, however please make sure we've received all necessary paperwork (their vaccination certificate and a completed check-in form). We will also require payment for our services prior to them checking out, so please either arrange this with us beforehand or make sure your representative is okay with paying and being reimbursed by you!

Facilities and care

Is there an outdoor area available?

We are in an enclosed building, so unfortunately not. However, we have an air circulation system in place that draws fresh air from outside 24 hours per day, sky lights that allow the sun to shine through and 2 enormous playpens that our guests get to play in so they don't get bored.

Are there staff working at all times?

Staff are only present during opening hours. For your peace of mind, we do have an advanced security system in place: high definition security cameras, animal-friendly motion detectors, a locking front gate and an alarm that will alert an on-call staff member when set off.

What happens if cats don't get along with their neighbours?

Enclosures are separated with a solid wall in between them, so this will not be a worry. There are also plenty of spots within the enclosure to get some privacy, such as their tunnel or the hidey hole in their cat tree.

Will staff administer medication if required?

Yes, we certainly will. Our staff are able to give boarding cats any form of medication, be it pills or injections. We do however require new customers to come in prior to boarding with their cat so that we can verify we're able to administer the required medication while they're out of sight, as we cannot board such cats who show aggression towards staff or that we feel we cannot provide adequate care for.

Is there any communal areas for my cat to socialise with others?

No, we do not mix cats from separate households. Besides violating the boarding establishment code of practice, it's common for cats unfamiliar with each other to fight and has the potential to spread illness.

What is your cleaning schedule?

At a minimum, we scoop litter once per day and change litter entirely once per week for long stays. Additional cleaning is also done when required (for example, if a cat using their litter isn't the best aim) to keep the enclosure sanitary.

What is your feeding schedule?

We feed our guests once in the morning and once in the evening, with half wet food and half dry food. In our experience cats generally eat wet food first and graze on dry throughout the day, so this helps us cut down on waste. Water is available at all times from our 1.5 litre automatic feeders and is changed twice per week. Of course, if you'd like us to follow any specific feeding instructions or schedule, we're more than happy to accommodate reasonable requests.

My cat is a bit nervous, what can be done for them?

We keep Feliway pheromone spray on hand, which is great for mellowing out stressed kitties. It's also a good idea to bring in a familiar blanket and/or toys from home to help them settle in. We can also place them in lower traffic areas of the building if possible.

Will my cat get play time with staff?

Of course! Who can resist not playing with cute kitties throughout the day? We make sure to give every guest frequent attention and love dishing out pats and ear scratches.

My cat is a fussy eater, will this be an issue?

Not at all, we carry a big range of different brands and flavours of food and we're happy to feed them with whatever they'd most prefer. We currently stock Advance, Royal Canin, Black Hawk, Whiskas, Felix, Dine, Fancy Feast, Cachet, Kangaroo mince and chopped beef. You're also welcome to bring your own food if they're extra picky or have any dietry requirements.

When will my cat get time in the playpens?

We also try to cycle cats through the playpens as much as we can (usually every other day, depending on the numbers we're boarding) so that they can have a change of scenery and some exercise. However, we play it by ear and usually only do this with those that are younger, as older moggies prefer to be left alone and aren't as receptive to being moved around. Their comfort is paramount!

My cat can be aggressive towards strangers, are they able to be boarded?

Yes, certainly - we'll try our best to win them over! However, we can only accept those feisty-er moggies requiring medication only if it can be crushed up into their food, they typically eat immediately and complete their meals, for the safety of our staff. New customers should bring their cat in prior to their check-in date so we can assess whether or not we'd be able to provide adequate care.

My cat is FIV-positive, are you able to accept them?

Yes, FIV is not communicable through the air and is most typically spread between cats by deep bite wounds and scratches during fights. Our boarding cats from separate households never come into physical contact with each other, so transmitting it to others is not possible. Please be aware that while we go to great lengths to circulate the air inside the building to reduce the chances of airborne infections, cats with FIV do have weakened immune systems and have a much higher likelihood of contracting illnesses in this manner. Please take this into consideration prior to boarding your cat with us.

I'm worried that my cat will get FIV if you accept FIV-positive cats!

Have no fear, we'd like to reassure you that it's simply not possible for your cat to contract FIV while in our care. It is communicable between cats primarily by deep bite wounds and scratches during fights. Boarding cats from separate households will never come in physical contact with each other. The virus cannot be contracted through the air or from cat trees and bedding, as it dies very quickly outside of a host body and cats being in the vicinity of a FIV-positive cat are perfectly safe. We do recommend that you speak to your vet about treating your cat with an F6 vaccine annually if your cat ventures outdoors which will protect them from FIV.


When do I pay for my cat's stay?

Bills must be settled in full on the day of collection before the release of boarded cats. A deposit is required for bookings that fall within our peak periods, for public holidays and for stays that are 14 or more days, which must be paid before we can reserve accommodation.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept cash, bank transfers, PayPal, Visa and Mastercard credit/debit cards. Unfortunately, we are not able to accept Amex.

Why are you charging me 1 day more than you should?

That's actually not the case; our prices are per day, or part thereof. This means that our regular boarding fees apply for the day of collection as well, even if your cat is collected the minute we open for the day. We would otherwise need to insist on strict checkout times, like a hotel, so that we can have time to clean and disinfect the enclosure for the next guest.


What happens if my cat gets sick?

We will immediately place them in a quarantine area, separated from other cats to stop the spread of illness. We'll then inform the owner or alternative contact of the situation, seek advice from a veterinarian and act on their instruction.

Am I able to reach staff out-of-hours in the event of an emergency?

Yes, an on-call staff member will be available on (03) 9687 2657 should you have the need to urgently get in contact with us.