Meow Mansion
We’re a cattery in Footscray, Melbourne and we provide (slightly obsessive) luxurious care for feline friends.

Enjoy your time away knowing that your cat is enjoying theirs.
Terms & conditions



We have a few differently sized enclosures available to cater to single cats or large families of up to four per dwelling. You can also opt to pamper them with some extra room and more things to keep them entertained by upgrading to a larger size.


Standard enclosure
Cats Price per day
1 $28.00


Large enclosure
Cats Price per day
1 $34.00
2 $46.00

Extra large

Extra large enclosure
Cats Price per day
1 $52.00
2 $52.00
3 $66.00


Play Pen Enclosure
Cats Price per day
1 $100.00
2 $110.00
3 $120.00
4 $130.00
(Our prices were last updated on 1st of February, 2023)

We supply

  • A scratching post, with hidey hole
  • A play tunnel
  • Food and water bowls
  • Your choice of litter
  • Your choice of wet and/or dry food
  • Toys to play with
  • Warm bedding
  • Fresh water daily
  • Calming pheromone spray (for nervous guests)

Feel free to bring along

  • Any and all of their favourite toys
  • Their regular bedding and/or blankets
  • Your own food, if your cat prefers a particular brand or flavours we don't stock

We encourage our customers to bring anything that looks or smells familiar from home to help their moggy settle in quickly, especially for first-time boarders!

Minimum boarding times

During peak times, the following minimum boarding times will apply for bookings that fall inside these dates.

Easter Christmas
4 day minimum 7 day minimum

Out-of-hours services

If you'd like to check your cat(s) in or out, or have us administer medication outside of our regular operating hours, a fee of $25.00 per half-hour outside of these times, rounded up to the nearest half-hour, will apply.

For example, if on that day we close at 6:00pm and you'd like to check out your cat at 7:20pm, the out-of-hours fee would be $75.00.

  • Appointments must be organised beforehand and are subject to staff availability.
  • The agreed out-of-hours fee is still payable if the appointment is unattended without prior notice.
  • Appointments not attended punctually will be charged at our regular out-of-hours rate.

Urgent care

If we need to provide emergency care to your pet, such as if the circumstances are deemed serious or life threatening by our veterinarians, the following fees will apply.

For less urgent issues that do not immediately impact a cat's immediate health or comfort, we will contact the owner or alternative contact to see how they would like to proceed.

Transport to a vet clinic Flea, tick or worm treatments
$50.00 (excludes vet bills) $25.00

Long term discounts

Going away for a while? You'll be glad to know that we offer sizeable discounts off our regular boarding rates for kitties needing a place to stay long term.

Please note that for lengthy bookings, we require payment for services rendered every 60 days.

30 days and above 45 days and above 60 days and above
10% discount 15% discount 20% discount